Are They Worth Replacing Ordinary Cigarettes Completely?

Electronic cigarettes are the cigarettes that are in use by the people all over the world today. There is a popular misconception among the people that electronic cigarettes are safer than ordinary cigarettes and are not carcinogenic, but that is a completely wrong notion. Let us see what the important aspects related with the electronic cigarettes and how they are used in our daily life in place of ordinary cigarettes. Are they really safer than burning cigarettes? If so, how to use them?

It is true that electronic cigarettes are a little bit safer than the ordinary cigarettes, but one thing you should remember is that the degree of safety of these cigarettes over the ordinary cigarettes is negligible and you can’t rely upon it. So what are the problems associated with these electronic cigarettes and what are the benefits associated with them? Benefits are very few and disadvantages are far more than that, which can’t be neglected. The most important advantage is that they can be used repeatedly as they are reusable cigarettes. You can use one cigarette several times until its liquid is completely used.

Nicotine is the most important ingredient of tobacco that is responsible for the addiction and it is a highly carcinogenic substance. This is in highest quantity in ordinary cigarettes as they have tobacco in the pure form. So when you burn cigarette, the tobacco inside the cigarette is burnt and it produces a large number of harmful gases. Among them, CO, CO2 and SO2 are the most important ones. So using ordinary cigarettes will destroy your lungs completely. Besides them, there is another important substance named tar which is also highly dangerous for the health of lungs. The only good thing about the electronic cigarettes is that these substances are in less quantity and that’s why they are a little bit safer.

Another serious problem related with the cigarettes is that they give rise to brown patches on the teeth and gum. These patches are always bad for the health of teeth and gum, because teeth looks like as if they are being broken into pieces. Besides that, the problem of tooth decay is more relevant among them compared to the non smokers. Cancer of the mouth is another problem associated with ordinary cigarettes. As it has already been stated, there are a very large number of chemical products that are harmful to the body in these cigarettes and they are slightly lesser in electronic cigarettes. Benefits with electronic cigarettes also extend to the way in which they help to avoid bad breathe. Our ordinary cigarettes give a very bad breathe, but these electronic cigarettes are a lot better compared to them. So use electronic cigarettes if you think that you can’t quit smoking at any cost.

So even though electronic cigarettes are a lot better compared to ordinary cigarettes, they are not advisable as they too are not free of side effects. Use them only if you are in such a position that you are unable to quit smoking completely. Otherwise it is safe to keep them was far away as possible.

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